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Fengda BD-183K Airbrush kit

Fengda BD-183K Airbrush kit

Fengda FEBD183K

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Airbrush gun Fengda BD-183K with 0,3-0,5-0,8 mm needle/nozzle

The Airbrush FE-183K airbrush works well with textile colors, acrylics, automotive paints or any type of thinned paints or glaze.
This airbrush offers the dot fire preset adjustable handle designed to give a more precise control over material and air flow amounts, this airbrush also comes standard with a dual purpose cutaway and preset handle for easy clean up and a more precise control of air flow.

The Airbrush FE-183K airbrush offers a smooth, responsive, long-draw trigger managed by a controllable tension spring system. The body is a tough, plated exterior that is impervious to most solvents. The airbrush design was developed for easy disassembly and assembly for ease of cleaning and repair. The 0,3-0.5 and 0,8 mm nozzle/tip unit allows the user to spray lines in a variety of thickness which makes it one of the most versatile units in the Fengda airbrush line . Compatible with most airbrush hoses and quick connects.

Model Name: FE-183K
Feed Type: Gravity
Nozzle Size: 0,3mm / 0,5mm / 0,8mm
Paint Reservoir Capacity: 2cc / 5cc / 13cc
Op. Pressure: 15-50 Psi
Trigger Mechanism: Double action
Mix Type:
Handle Design:
Kit Includes : Needle 0,3 mm / 0,5mm / 0,8mm, Lid for color cup, 1,8m air hose, head cap spanner

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