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ATOM Russian Tank Colors WWII (Set 06)

ATOM Russian Tank Colors WWII (Set 06)

AMMO Mig Jimenez MIG20705

Scale: no scale

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  • ATOM-20071     RUSSIAN GREEN (4BO)
  • ATOM-20098     DEEP GREEN (3B AU)
  • ATOM-20092     DARK GREEN (Protective Green)
  • ATOM-20069     OLIVE DRAB (U.S. color for Russian lend-lease vehicles)
  • ATOM-20083     GREEN BASE (IZ-2)
  • ATOM-20072     DARK OLIVE GREEN (IZ-3)
  • ATOM-20073     YELLOW GREEN (7K)
  • ATOM-20063     BLACK BROWN (6K)
  • ATOM-20163     MATT BLACK  (6RP)
  • ATOM-20000     MATT WHITE
  • ATOM-20029     RED
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