What's on my desk? Part 8.

So, the Mercedes... I stripped the paint, reprimed and repainted. There are now 2 coats of GX-100 on it, with 1 or 2 more to follow before I can start polishing.

Mercedes 300SL body, painted and coated.

Honestly, if I hadn't been so impatient the first time and added a few more coats of GX-100 it would have looked better.

That's the thing about scale modelling: it's not that hard. You pick up a lot of skills along the way (especially in the age of the internet), but the most important one is: patience (and a little dexterity helps, of course).

I like to joke that I have a condition called good-enough-itis, but it just comes down to the same thing: I rush forward, even though a little more work would ensure an (even) better result.

Same thing about the cable car. This is a model in wood and metal, which I'm not used to. However; I'm taking my time, applying the skills I've learned over the years and I'm getting a pretty good result, if I say so myself. OcCre claims this is a 'medium' difficulty model (they also have 'beginner', 'easy', 'high' and 'advanced'), but I would have no qualms recommending this kit to someone who has only made a few models so far.

Anyway, end rant. What's the progress on the cable car?

I'm in the final stages of the first roof. First layer of filler was applied and sanded smooth.

San Francisco cable car, with a sanded-smooth roof. The side frames are not added yet, and there are gaps visible underneath the roof planks.

The side frames were then glued in and filled. These need sanding, too.

Roof side frames fitted. The wheel bogies are in the picture as well. Side frames filled in, not sanded yet.

The wheel bogies are assembled. I used some tape wrapped around the axles to ensure a tight fit. You don't want wobbly wheels.

Axle frames. A narrow strip of tape is wrapped around the axle to ensure a better fit for the wheels. All four wheel pairs done. Wheel bogie assembled.

That's it. Next up: more sanding, making interior stanchions, removing tape (and propably more sanding) and painting. Still lots to come, but remember: taking my time.

One more thing: the AFVClub U-2C I'm working on while waiting for things to dry has progressed nicely, too. The fuselage is closed and I started on the left wing.

U-2C fuselage and left wing. Also visible is the camera in its transport cradle.

Wednesday build meet! Don't forget!

Keep on modelling and see you next week!

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