What's on my desk? part 6.

This week progress has been slow but steady.

The Mercedes interior is done. The seats have been finished, the dashboard assembled and everything was glued together.

View from back to front of the Mercedes interior. Detail view of the finished seats.

Some small touch-ups and a carpet for the footwell and it's ready for assembly.

The car body was painted, varnished and sanded. However, when applying the first polishing with Tamiya Compound, I went through the paint coats at some places and started seeing white primer. So the paint was reapplied. I'll re-sand and polish this week.

Tram-wise the end panels are finished. Windows were inserted and filled:

Windows on one end of the tram.

You can see the gaps on the outside panels. The middle one is already filled with my trusty Vallejo Plastic Putty.

Next step is the roof. The supports for the skylight are added first.

Front view of the tram, showing skylight supports and end beam.

There is an end beam over the front windows that needs to be sanded down. As in the OcCre YouTube video, I masked the entirety of the tram to prevent too much dust falling into the interior. In this picture you can also see I've added the skylight with the series of windows.

Tram with skylight added and masked off completely.

Next step will be to add the roof planks. These need to be soaked for half an hour in water to improve the 'bendiness', so this will be done on Wednesday, when the first build meeting is taking place in the shop!

While all the various parts are drying and/or waiting for some spare time to work on, I've brought one of my other projects in to work on: this is the AFV Club U-2C spy plane, which I'm building for the Around the World Group Build - Small Air Forces of the World on Facebook. These are interior parts like the cockpit, landing gear and photo camera:

Cockpit, landing gear and camera of the U-2C spy plane


In other news: I've sent my first package abroad (to Austria! Thank you!), and I've become a DHL Service Point. :-)

As mentioned earlier, on Wednesday the build meetings are starting! There's still some spots open, so come by if you'd like to do some modelling in good company!

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