What's on my desk? Part 5.

It's Tuesday so it's time for another installment of the build log!

I haven't made a lot of progress on the Merc, to be honest. I added the instrument dials. These are decals with a drop of gloss varnish on top:

Mercedes dashboard with instrument decals added.

I wanted to paint the last lines of the seats, but the previous ones weren't dry yet. Cleaning up the new lines caused the old ones to disappear, but I still managed to repair it. This week I should be able to finish these and assemble the full interior.

Mercedes seats. One of the seats has the full light tan crosslines.

The car body has been smoothed with 2000, 6000 and 12000 grit wet sandpaper. Compound polishing is next.


The cable car has progressed nicely. I decided to add the windows now, because these need a lot of filling, which would be near impossible to do when the roof is on.

As you can see there are large gaps in between the frames:

Installed window frames showing large gaps.

These need filling, but the wood filler requires a lot of sanding, which isn't an option here. The solution is my favourite putty: Vallejo Plastic Putty. This can be applied and the surplus immediately wiped away with a Q-tip, eliminating the need for any sanding. It does require some precise masking. The straight lines can be done with regular tape, the curved areas were masked with flexible masking tape. Like so:

Side windows masked with regular tape.Curved tops of the window frames, masked with flexible tape.

The putty is applied, wiped away and the tape removed before the putty dries. Vallejo Plastic Putty is white, so I don't need to sand or repaint!

Once all the windows were installed, I started on the end panels. This consists of three panels, installed at an angle. Again, big gaps in between them. I wanted to make sure these were set in the correct angles, so I installed the roof frame to hold them in place:

Front/end panels installed, and roof frames added to make sure of the angles.

Once dry, I filled and sanded the panels until they were smooth. You can still see how wide these gaps were:

End panels, filled and sanded.

To do this week: polish the Mercedes body, paint the crosslines on the seats. Add more windows to the tram, paint and maybe start on the roof.

See you next week!

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