What's on my desk? Part 22.

Hello again!

We've opened June with a model show: ScaleWorld in Geel, organized by KMK was a great show. Amazing models on display, and a lot of people visiting. ScaleWorld is quickly becoming one of the biggest shows in Belgium. I was there with a stand, and I entered a few models in the competition (no wins, though...).

Here's a picture:

We had a great spot, right next to the competition tables (up there in the background). Next show I might get two tables, so as to have a little more space to show my selection of stuff for sale.

One minus for Scaleworld: the internet access was... unsatisfactory. For a shop running almost entirely online this is quite essential. I can't process orders fast enough, and card payments are very slow.

Anyway, what has been happening in the shop?

First off, my ARL is basically finished. The headlights were filled in with gloss varnish. I used too much Kristal Klear at once and it dried up white. Luckily it was still removable and I ended up using VMS Varnish HD.

As the headlights are already fixed to the tank, a little improvisation was needed to keep them vertical.

The final result (no, I haven't lost the gun barrel; it's still removable :-) ):

You can see one end of the tow cable. This is a length of Karaya cable (I believe it's copper wire) of 0.9 mm diameter. I painted it grey first, then applied Streaking Rust Effects (A.Mig-1204) irregularly, followed by a Light Rust Wash (A.Mig-1004). The copper wire allows for it to be shaped over the fender brackets and it stays in place with just a small dab of superglue.

So the tank is done. I'm now working on a few figures to represent the crew. Faces are hard, so I asked one of my regulars on a Wednesday build meet to show me his painting technique (thanks Bruce!). The figure on the left was done by him, the one on the right by me (I added the pupils). I still need some practice, but I think I'm getting there. :-)

Lastly: the Warhammer dreadnought. Basic painting was done, and I used VMS Gloss Varnish to coat some areas where decals were to go. These went on without any major issues. They're decent quality. I'll overcoat it again with a matt coat, and then I can start weathering. I got some green drybrush paints coming to make this easier, so stay tuned.

The plasma rifle received its first white wash. It's not quite there yet, so I'll rewatch that video and try to get a better effect.

That's it for this week.

See you next time!






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