What's on my desk? Part 19.

Hello and welcome back!

My week off has been re-invigorating, so we're back with a new blog post!

First off, the ARL. I finished the streaking dirt and rust and have now added mud and dust. The sides, front and back have been treated with the same Mig-1751 Dry Steppe effects. I feel the top edge of the mud is too sharp. I'll feather it in using some pigments, but I'm happy with the results so far.

The top side has been treated to a layer of Light Dust pigments. I think it really brings out the threadplate of the fenders, and breaks up the monotony of the solid camouflage colour on the turret roof.

The ARL is nearing completion. I'll take a look in my shelf of doom to see which half-done project I can finish next.


On the Warhammer front, I've finished two Stormcast Eternals. Most of the paint was included in the box (gold, blue, white, black, steel). I painted the leather straps and the spear shafts in oil paints. I also primed one of the figures in white, the other was painted on bare grey plastic. Can you tell which was which? :-)

All in all, I'm very happy with how these turned out.


The next Warhammer project is a Space Marine Dreadnought.

Dreadnoughts are one of those things that show how over-the-top grimdark the 40k universe is. When a Space Marine is mortally wounded, he is entombed in a life-support coffin and wired into a walking mech. This is a Dreadnought: a half-dead genetically manipulated supersoldier that is not allowed to die, but is forced to continue fighting for the religious-fascist Empire of Man (and they're the 'good' guys!).

While the figures are push-pin assembled, this one is more like a classic model kit in that you have to glue parts together. The fit is not always perfect, but with some filling and scraping it builds up into a nice model. There's even some options regarding weaponry. This kit also comes with a large sheet of decals.

I've assembled the mech to this point. I now need to check if there's any gaps that need filling, and after that I need to start priming and painting.

See you next week!


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