What's on my desk?

Those who have visited the store may have seen it: I'm doing some modelling in the shop. So I thought I'd start a build log and show everyone my work.

What's on my desk?

First of all: I'm building the Mercedes 300SL in 1/24 scale from Tamiya.Parts of the ongoing Mercedes build, displayed on top of the model's box.

Work has progressed nicely. The tubular frame is done and the engine has been mounted. The body shell is at home being airbrushed (along with some other parts). I'm currently painting the interior & seats. This is done in oil paints and requires a lot of drying time, which brings me to my second ongoing build:

The OcCre San Francisco tram (1/24-ish).

Picture of the Occre San Francisco box top.

My sister bought this one, on condition that I build it for her. This is a mostly wooden model, with a number of metal parts. This is a first for me; I've always built in plastic, so I'm looking forward to the challenge.

What's in the box?

A photo guide in Spanish, with separate translation in (among other languages) English:

Instruction guides, one with photos in Spanish, one plain text in English.

The laser-cut wooden parts:

Several sheets of laser-cut wooden parts.

A bundle of wooden strips:

A bundle of woden strips, held together with elastic bands.

A box of metal parts:

A transparent plastic box containing metal and wooden small parts.

One sheet of stickers and one sheet of transparent plastic for the windows:

A sheet of stickers and a (almost invisible) sheet of transparent plastic.

I've started marking the part numbers and glued the tram floor to the side posts. Stay tuned for the next blog post to see my progress.

Or come by the shop and see it live!

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Reuze interessant!!!

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